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Updated: May 27, 2020


How on the Earth can something be so much cruel? Made all of us to fight a duel,

Far in the East from some yonder,

Came the monster for all of us to ponder,

How wretched it could be stop the Globe- Trotter,

Forcing billions to succumb to this plotter.

How on the Earth can something be so much foul?

Made the entire world to crawl,

Far from the distant, it came to choke,

Turning the real world into mere joke.

How wrecked it made people to wander,

Forcing the businesses to the Force-Majeure.

How on the Earth can something be so much vague?

Made all the scientists to kneel to this plague,

Masks, kits be the accoutrements,

No vaccines yet to be seen as treatments.

How ruthless it made people to cry,

Forcing everyone into state of wry.

How on the Earth can something be so much wrong?

Made all of us to be outside the throng,

Lockdowns and Quarantine be the phenomenon,

Compelling the authorities to impose the cordon.

How helpless it made all of us to thrive,

Forcing everyone to be inside the hive.

How on the Earth can something be so tough?

Made the plebs unable to cough,

Social distancing be the mantra for future,

Violating which could lead to the official seizure.

How merciless it made Govt. to function,

Forcing the pedestrian to move along the junction.

How on the Earth Can something be so cruel?

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