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I am just the another trait,

But came out strong and deadlier than Krait.

Been residing in the nasal cavity for years,

Got the chance to create panic and fear.

I am happy to live with the bat,

Human manipulation compelled me to leave the crate.

Found a host in Wuhan to replicate and play,

Infected and killed the people day after day.

RNA of mine so strong,

Put the world into peril for lifelong.

Cold and coughs are my friend,

Asymptomatic can also be the trend.

I am tiny and invisible not to be seen with naked eye,

Create fear and panic in the people to cry.

Nature and trajectory of mine so vague,

Scientists and doctors confused to treat this plague.

I wish I can rest,

Free the world out of this test.

Wish my vaccine develops in the petridish

Grant the people to live as per their wish.


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