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Anguish and agonised ye all feel restless

Leave ye all to whimper as helpless Like a parrot confiscated in the cage Feel like screaming out in the rage Now and then ,when there is power outage!!

All ye life clustered and helter-skelter, Hot wind condenses and ready to swelter, Like a thing kept inside the baking oven Feel like drowning in the swimming pool Now and then,they can upgrade the power system with proper tool

All ye life clustered and helter-skelter Battery finishes and rooms become quieter Like a person marooned in the far island Feel like running far off from this isolation Now and then,they  can check the load calculation

All ye life clustered and helter-skelter Candle finishes and place becomes darker Like living in the dark age Feel like trapped with the ghost in this situation Now and then, they can find out reasons for power fluctuation.

All ye life comes back to normal Lights and sounds makes us formal Like living in the paradise Feel like singing and dancing to the melodious tune Now and then,they can clear the obstruction and prune.

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