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How curious then I was?

When I was a child, had many unsettled queries, How the room gets brighter with the electrical theories? Plug the finger into the switch hole, Got the shock and thrown to the pole, How curious then I was? Curiosity raised its level to know, How the wheels on the road move on row? Tried to make the cart with wooden wheel, Pushed the same and got that feel, How curious then I was? Seeing the birds thought of planes, How the objects with the wings in the sky tend to wane? Tore the page and made the paper drone, Clapped and pleased to see that flown, How curious then I was ? Drove to town to see the motion picture How the white screen rolls and play up the feeder Took out the magazines and sliced the prints, Cut through the card box and seen the rolling imprints, How curious then I was? Many curiosities left me perplexed and untried How did the life come and where people go after they die? Could not imagine the day when you loose, Loving and caring the one you choose, How curious now I am? How curious now I am? JREMY

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