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Religion breeds superstition

Or Superstition leads the religion Caught up with the thought so arcane Hypothetical questions blowing mind like hurricane

Human created god! Or God created human! Anyone there to solve this mystery From the archaic realms bundled in the history

Isn't God just a belief? Used for ulterior motives and self relief! Isn't religion just a ploy? Spun and twisted to be pushed as a coy!

Superstition defies the act of science The people loose all their astute and conscience Religion couched in fore to divide and rule Leaving people behind in race to compete like a mule.

Who am I to vilipend? People will use these till the end Debate between religion and science will never finish Beg your pardon if I made something to diminish.

Science without religion is lame Religion without Science is blind Both should propel with rational and logic Else would be always be obscure and pelagic.

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