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shades of yellow

Shades of yellow The tenebrous cloud loomed in the sky Pitter patter of raindrops hitting the high Spreading the darkness across the place Stridulation of cicadas heard in the space Sound of falling rains over the umbrella top Twelve point Five lumen with its yellow flame Cheered up the room and brought life to the game Bright yellow color to tell -tale the next move Hale and kicking to shake up the groove. Fluorescent color emit from the candlelit The long dark night waited for the daylight Closed orbs opened with the yellow ray of sunlight Started it afresh to make a positive and encouraging day Optimistic thoughts all around to think merry and gay Dazzling golden yellow enlightens the soul. Walked along the while to find the sunflowers and daffodils bedazzled Reminded of new hope and new day completely unfazed Illuminating ideas to carve out from this spring Pure relation of this yellow attached to the string The resplendent yellow flowers in the fields JREMY

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