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Wish to wake up from the dream to rewind

Optimistic thoughts pouring in my mind

World getting back to its normal stage

Far off from the corona inflicted rage

Surprise me to heal the world so sick

Life so usual with right ingredients to pick

No lock and no unlock to bother

Flocks of children going school together

Wish to see time bound planes flying in the sky

Streets flooded with the masses sundry

Surprise me to come out with the panacea

Life so carefree to celebrate with zeal and charisma.

No news or messages about the quarantine

Tourists visiting the hotspots for pastime

Wish to see people without shield and veil

Soap operas, movies shoot out in the reel

Surprise me to see the things going smooth

Life so busy with freshness to soothe

Full crowd at the conferences charted

Honour and respect to the soul departed

Wish to see people unselfish and real

Hugs, kisses and care to deal

Surprise me to feel the world with empathy

Life so beautiful without farce and antipathy.

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