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That was such a wonderful year,

Packed in peace with zeal and cheer, Festives and vibrant were all at the best, Sneaking at some distant,eerie was making the nest. Contagious and dread rose from the east. Creepy and haunted like the beast.

This is becoming such a wasted year, Mixed with miseries,worries and fear. Lost and helpless were all pushed to the brim, Such a dystopian to even think in a dream. Forced to see the streets full of lull, Making people slumber and dull.

This is such a frightening sight, Poor and migrants heading to the plight. Hungry and restless wandering to the pole, Feets soaked in the blood with blistered hole. Hoping to reach the place of right, Ending the life amidst this fight.

In the end, corona will hail, Leaving people timid and frail, In the end, corona will fail, Pushing all to the tail.

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